About the Author

RJ Hervey is a multi-genre author based out of Anchorage, Alaska. As an University of Washington Creative Writing program alum, he has several short stories published in local literary arts journals.

Currently, he is in progress on a novel set in 15th century Florence. The story bends both historical-fiction and fantasy genres, coming to rest in an relatively new literary territory wherein demons and religion dominate the world of the Italian Renaissance.

As a side project, RJ Hervey has embraced his musical background in a meant for stage musical, “Battle of the Bands.” The upbeat performance combines a bildungsroman ideal with a culturally segregated high school setting to create a musical journey themed with acceptance, tolerance, and empathy.

Several exciting projects breach the horizon.

If you would like to contact Hervey, or read more about his editing and proofreading business, you can visit his website at www.sidekickediting.com.

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